Model 3 version 10 software better than a cinema

Tesla V10 Entertainment Choices

As a pragmatist I never thought I’d say the entertainment options in the Tesla Model 3 are truly amazing. Mind boggling amazing. The sound system in the Model 3 is excellent and the 15″ center screen crisp and clear. Starts stream quickly and without skipping. Sit in your car in the dark, turn on a show and the experience is actually better than the cinema. You get to watch what you want and don’t have anyone checking email or chatting close by, no trailers for shows you have no intention of watching.  No overpriced popcorn either. The experience is good enough to kill off cinemas altogether if enough people get a Model 3.

Unbelievable video and sound quality in the Model 3.

Entertainment options are Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. The app experience is almost identical to the web apps for these streaming services.

If a test drive isn’t enough to convince you to buy a  Model 3, the entertainment system most probably will convince you.

I bought the car to drive, now I have a mobile entertainment center. I’m reminded of what Elon Musk said during an interview with Ryan McCaffrey.

“It’s not exactly a car, it’s actually a thing to maximize enjoyment. It’s maximum fun.”
– Elon Musk –  during interview with Ryan McCaffrey July 2019.

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