Edison Apartments in Gallatin TN add EV charging station

Edison Apartments Gallatin TN

One of the best parts of EV ownership is waking up each morning with a “full tank” and never having to visit a gas station ever again. If you don’t own a home with a garage, charging where you live may not be possible. This is often cited as a reason why EV ownership will remain a niche. What are apartment dwellers supposed to do?

Edison Apartments have installed a ChargePoint charging station.

One option is to charge at work. Increasingly, progressive employers and office buildings are installing EV charging equipment. Often without a fee for use. You get half your fuel paid.

Charging my Model 3 at Edison Apartments, Gallatin TN

Apartment dwellers at Edison apartments in Gallatin TN now have a new option. The apartment complex has installed a ChargePoint EV charging station with the ability to charge two vehicles at the same time. The best part is that there is no fee to use the station. From a financial perspective Edison Apartment dwellers are better off than a home owner such as myself. The apartments shouldered the cost of buying and installing the charging station, will maintain it and also cover the cost of the fuel. Someone living at Edison apartments could have no fuel cost at all for their car. The convenience of plugging in in your own home can’t be beat IMHO, the apartment complex is quite big and one may have to walk quite a distance from the car back to your apartment. If however you live in block K at these apartments it couldn’t be more convenient.

The charging station is adjacent to the car wash and vacuum facilities. This is smart, electricity is already present in the maintenance building which will have reduced the installation cost significantly. One issue I see with the site is the closest parking spaces are not identified as being for an EV. When I was parked at the charging station, both spaces either side of my vehicle were occupied by gasoline vehicles. The second charging cord while not is use could not be used without an open parking space. My guess is the gasoline car owners didn’t know this, they did leave the space open directly in line with the charging station. There is a need for better signage.

The apartments are close to Vietnam Veterans Blvd and State Route 31E, so a commute to Nashville would be both convenient and free.

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