Rapid charging space blocked overnight by EV driver.


Rapid charging space blocked by overnight parker. No, no one was asleep inside.

It’s bad enough when an EV charging space is blocked by an SUV, that’s inconsiderate at best.

What’s worse?

When an EV driver parks his/her EV in a rapid charging space and leaves it overnight. As you can see in the photo above a black LEAF parked in front of a rapid charginging unit, and judging by the dew on the windscreen, it had been there overnight at the very least. There is a “CV” sticker in the window which makes me conclude it is company owned by Nissan.

This is not the first time this particular vehicle has been parked in this way. The photo below is from August.

To cap it all, the driver didn’t even bother to charge the vehicle, on both occasions the car isn’t plugged in!!

C’mon Nissan, you know better than this.


Bad Etiquette from Nissan employee blocking DC Fast Charge Station.

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