Fifth Capacity Bar Lost at 96,500 Miles

Lost my Fifth capacity bar in double quick time

Lost my Fifth capacity bar in double quick time

Just 8,000 miles and five months after losing the fourth capacity bar my LEAF has lost its fifth capacity bar. The loss this time has occurred twice as fast and after half the miles as it did previously which does suggest the battery is failing more rapidly.

Nissan in their initial guidance suggested that capacity loss would slow down as the battery ages, my battery is showing the opposite trend.

I am due to take the car to the dealer in about 900 miles for its 97,500 mile service, which is just a tire rotation. I will get the dealer to contact Nissan corporate to explain the more rapid battery fade and if this is covered by the original 8 year/100,000 mile warranty. This will be one of the last opportunities I will have to request warranty consideration on the battery pack.


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2 Responses to Fifth Capacity Bar Lost at 96,500 Miles

  1. Durandal says:

    How many miles do you get per 100% charge now? Also, have you considered contacting a lawyer in regards to the warranty? That might get you some traction. (Pun intended.)

    • jpwhitehome says:

      I get about 40 Miles per charge now.

      A small claims did cross my mind, I think you can claim up to $10,000 in Tennessee. Having been part of the 2011/12 LEAF Class Action lawsuit may make that more difficult to win.

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