US Navy establishes policy prohibiting workplace charging

No EV Charging for you! So says Captain Chris Yanke

No EV Charging for you! So says Captain Chris Yanke

One thinks of California as a very progressive state that has wide acceptance of electric vehicles. The Naval Base at Ventura County California has established a policy of prohibiting employees from charging their electric vehicles while at the base.

On the other hand the Department of Energy has launched a program called “EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge”.

It seems the different branches of the government are at odds with each other.

The Navy’s reasoning goes thus.

“appropriated funds cannot be used for personal employee expenses, which fueling a personal vehicle clearly is. Whether that fuel is gas in a tank or electricity in a battery is irrelevant.”

When asked by employees if they could pay for electricity, so as not to use government funds. The navy responds

“Currently, there is no mechanism for reimbursement, nor is there a program authorizing such reimbursement.”

In order to enforce the policy the Navy says

“If you see a personal vehicle plugged into a building’s power grid, please alert the facility manager so the issue can be addressed and the user educated.”

Many large organizations such as the military or large corporations have a great deal of bureaucracy. This bureaucracy stands in the way of workplace charging adoption. As employees of large organizations the employee can be excused for giving up in their quest to educate their employer to the benefits of introducing workplace EV charging. I was recently told when enquiring about workplace charging at an office complex my employer leases space at that the building owners had determined they had looked into the possibility and determined they would never install a charging station at any of their properties. You may ask so what?

DOE EV Charging program

DOE EV Charging program

Workplace charging increases the chance someone will buy an EV 20 times. That’s according to the Department of Energy study into workplace charging.  Outside of the home, workplace charging is the best way to encourage EV adoption. Workplace charging is doubly important for people who have no way to charge at home, such as those living in an apartment complex or downtown highrise.

It is a shame the US Navy and the Department of Energy do not talk to each other.


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