NRG eVgo Fast Charger at Brentwood MAPCO now requires an RFID card

RFID Charge Card Trio

RFID Charge Card Trio

As of this morning (11/19/2014) I was prompted to tap my eVgo RFID card to start a charge at the Brentwood MAPCO station at Moores Lane. The firmware has been updated and this DC Fast Charger unit now charges for up to 30 minutes per session instead of stopping at 80%, that at least is a welcome change.

There was no indication if a fee was levied or not or how much.  NRG/eVgo’s website is not very informative. I have an account with them, but I could find no way to login and examine transactions against my account. I have sent an enquiry to customer service asking how I can check the balance of my account. No charges have hit my credit card yet so there is no evidence of direct billing. It’s quite possible that the unit now requires an RFID card but billing has yet to be established, it really isn’t clear. I look forward to a response from their customer service.

I also noticed while I was on the eVgo website that their “Network Access” plan which gave unlimited DC Fast charging for $49.95 per month is no longer available. I will probably subscribe to their “On the Go” plan which will give me discounted access to the DC Fast chargers for $14.95 per month plus usage charges.

Update 2014-11-24: It took a few days to get a response from eVgo customer service, not very quick at all and the feedback was disappointing. There is no way to check your balance online or any charges accrued. They simply email you a statement each month, which I expect I’ll need to pay. Here is the note I got from eVgo.

Hello Mr. White,

At this time we do not have an Online Account Management system to view energy used during charging sessions. You will receive an email every month with a summary that includes DC Charging, L2 Charging and any other fees associated with your account.

Thank you for contacting us,

Your friends at NRG eVgo

Brentwood MAPCO Fast Charge

Brentwood MAPCO Fast Charge Unit

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