Mapco Installation makes 6 Rapid Chargers in Cool Springs Area

Second Cool Springs Rapid Charge Unit Installation

Second Cool Springs Rapid Charge Unit Installation Click to Enlarge

No prizes for guessing why Cool Springs gets so many Quick Charge Units which are compatible with LEAF (and Mitsubishi) vehicles. Yep its the home of Nissan US HQ. At Nissan headquarters there are three units on site, another Mapco has a Blink quick charge unit, Nissan of Cool Springs has a Nissan brand unit and finally a second Mapco location on Moores lane makes 6 for this area close to Nashville. The 6 units are within a few square miles of each other. Technically the Moores Lane Mapco is in Brentwood, but with Brentwood City Center 5 miles away and the Cool Springs Galleria just 1/2 mile down the road it is practically a Cool Springs gas station.

This unit is tucked away towards the rear of the convenience store where employees park, and they have kindly left the EV space open. It is a bit of a squeeze fitting between a parked car and the gas stations dumpster outhouse, but at least it will not get blocked (or ICE’d) by Mapco customers.

The Mapco has a large Deli inside and I picked up a tasty Roast Beef Sandwich for lunch for just $4.99. As with my other gas station stops, the car had completed its charge by the time I had finished my transaction at the convenience store Deli.



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