Hendersonville Mapco Mart gets Quick Charge Unit

Hendersonville Mapco Quick Charge Unit

Hendersonville Mapco Quick Charge Unit Click to Enlarge

A very welcome addition to the Mapco Mart gas stations with Quick Charge units is the one at Hendersonville. It’s the Mapco that is at Catty Corners to Center Point Barbecue and Tractor Supply. The unit has been installed for a few weeks according to customers who came up and spoke to me about the unit. Going to a gas station to use a quick charge unit reminds me of when we first got the LEAF, a lot of people are interested in finding out more and walk up and ask you a lot of questions. The most common question is how far on a charge, which is about 80 miles for a new LEAF. Another common question is is it free to charge, which right now it is. In the time it took me to speak with a few customers and then to  buy from the Mapco’s ‘Beer Cave’ the car was already recharged from the commute from Brentwood to Hendersonville.

Hendersonville MAPCO

Hendersonville MAPCO

Nissan are readying to rollout a program on July 1st 2014 called “No Charge to Charge” which will offer LEAF buyers two years of free charging at Rapid Charge Stations like this and the more familiar Blink 240v stations dotted all over Tennessee. I guess when the program is introduced a charge will be levied for other LEAF owners. Anyone buying or leasing a LEAF after April 1st 2014 will be eligible to join the No Charge to Charge program starting in July.

Very close to this Mapco is a brand new Speedway Gas station that was built from the ground up. I wrote to them shortly after ground breaking earlier this year pointing out the benefits of attracting EV owners to their gas stations for up to 20 minutes at a time. I got a polite reply informing they had forwarded my comments to the ‘appropriate department’.

March 17, 2014

Dear JP White,

This is an acknowledgement of your email regarding Rapid Charge unit for electric vehicles.

I would like you to know that I have forwarded your request to the appropriate department personnel for handling.

Thank you for taking the time to write us.  We are always interested in hearing from our customers whatever the reason.



Speedway LLC Customer Service

Well Speedway opened the gas station last week, without a rapid charge station that I know of. So instead of stopping and buying goods at their convenience store today, I bought at Mapco!! The cost of adding a Rapid Charge unit to a new Gas Station rather than retrofitting in an existing station is much less and the unit can be placed well. The Mapco rapid charge unit here in Hendersonville is already getting blocked by cars, the customers I spoke with were surprised I got the space at a busy time of day.

Mapco are smart to encourage pure EV’s like the Nissan LEAF to stop by, their convenience store will get additional business thanks to the 15-20 minutes it takes to ‘Fill ‘er up’. All of the Mapco Rapid Charge units in Nashville are limited to 80% charge, to discourage drivers from hogging the units, the last 20% of a charge can take as long as the first 80%.

Apparently Brentwood and Murfreesboro Mapco stations also have a rapid charge unit recently installed. I’ll have to take a few trips to get photos and report back here and add to Plugshare so other EV drivers can find them. 7 Mapco Marts now have rapid charge stations in Nashville. Thank you Nissan and thank you Mapco!


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