First TN Dealer Quick Charge Station installed in Cool Springs


Quick Charge Station at Nissan of Cool Springs

Nissan have promised to subsidize the installation of over 100 quick charging stations at Nissan dealers. They have been fairly coy as to which cities they are targeting with this initiative. A pilot study was undertaken in California where 27 quick charging stations were installed.

Now we have our first dealer quick charge station in Tennessee at Cool Springs. On one hand this is very good news that Tennessee is a target market for this initiative. I look forward to seeing more of these units go into the ground over the next few months. However the location of this dealer is within 5-10 miles of three other quick charge stations at Nissan HQ and a Mapco Gas station. It would be nice to see the dealer quick chargers located in areas where quick charging is currently unavailable. North and West of Nashville could both benefit from well placed quick charging stations. Here’s hoping for more of these units in Tennessee.

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3 Responses to First TN Dealer Quick Charge Station installed in Cool Springs

  1. Ken Clifton says:

    Hi J.P. ! Great to see those QC stations being rolled out. Here in NC we have two locations on the radar screen: Raleigh and Charlotte. The biggest challenge seems to be the large demand charges imposed by the utility company when one of those stations kicks in. Is it the same in Tennessee?
    It is hard to make a cost model work with those demand charges…
    Ken Clifton

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Hi Ken,

      My understanding is that in Tennessee we have an EV Friendly electric charge tarrifs. No big demand charges I am aware of. I see in France Renault are advertising 1 free hour per day for their EV customers. Maybe there should be similar limits placed to prevent drivers getting greedy and costing dealers too much in electric.

      Several states have demand charges, the DC fast charge infrastructure will need to develop smarts to ensure that demand charges are not incurred by the host otherwise they won’t want to adopt them.

      • Ken Clifton says:

        Thanks JP. We did a trip to Sevierville and Pigeon Forge last summer. I just had to take screen shots of the Recargo charging station locator. In NC we are lucky to have two stations in a 60 mile radius. Compare that to TN which has to be EV heaven. You are lucky to be in a state like TN.

        From your reply it sounds like the TVA does not hit the DCFC stations with demand charges. That is interesting. I thought most utilities did that…

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