An Electric Car is like an iPad

An EV is to a car as an iPad is to a computer. You can’t do everything with an iPad that you can with a conventional computer, but once someone has used an iPad they tend to use it in preference to a computer. The iPad is compelling and has many advantages over a more full featured laptop or desktop computer system.

In the same way, an EV has its limitations, but once you’ve driven one for a few days one simply doesn’t want to go back to driving a gasoline vehicle again. Despite its limitations the electric vehicle has distinct advantages over a gasoline car, it’s quiet, it’s smooth, it’s quick and it is very cheap to run and maintain. The driving experience is simply superior. You never have to visit a gas station on the way to work, making you late again. In the same way a power computer user may consider an iPad to be a toy not worthy of their advanced needs, many gasoline car drivers consider an EV to be a toy not worthy or practical for them.
They couldn’t be more wrong.
It’s easy to focus on the shortcomings of an EV. High price, short range, long charge times and write the vehicle off as impractical. Even though my wife may get frustrated with an iPad from time to time and ask for the netbook to do something the iPad can’t; next time she needs to browse the web she reaches for the iPad not the netbook. The same applies to an EV, even though you may need to switch to the gas car for that long journey, or to tow something, next time you reach for the car keys, it’ll be for the electric car.
Few people would own just an iPad for all their computing needs. Few people should own an EV only for their transportation needs. EV’s are best suited to multiple car families where access to home charging is possible.
Charging; just like an iPad it’s best to plug the vehicle in each evening and its good to go all day the next day.
An EV is very compelling. You may have done without an iPad for quite sometime, but now you have one you can’t imagine life without one. Expect the same with an Electric Vehicle, life wouldn’t be the same without my LEAF.
Those of you who feel an EV is just not for you or too expensive, consider this. Some of the first EV’s are now coming off two year leases and can be picked up with under 8,000 miles for less than $18,000. I have been watching eBay recently and many LEAF’s are going for less than $20,000. Nissan have announced that in the spring of 2013 they will add a supplemental battery capacity warranty for 5 years or 60,000 miles. With hardly used pre-owned vehicles available for sale, maybe it’s time to check one out and take it for a spin.
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3 Responses to An Electric Car is like an iPad

  1. Ted Staton says:

    Thanks good comparison
    Have new 2013 Leaf for 3 wks now. Love it.
    Ted – Athens Ga

  2. Harte Nissan says:

    Interesting comparison of the Leaf to an Ipad. Like all new technologies it will take consumers some time to get used to it; EV’s are very suitable for multi family cars or those with shorter commutes.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Thanks for the kind words. FYI my commute just doubled with a new job. Now 59 miles return. Can still make this on an 80% charge with 1 ‘bar’ to spare 🙂

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