BP add an EV quick charge station in Nashville TN

BP gets Quick Charge Station

BP gets Quick Charge Station

When the EV Project was first announced a few years back, BP were listed as a company that would partner in the deployment of Quick Charge stations. Cracker Barrel were quick to take on the charging stations, however it seemed BP would never get off the ground. Well at last the first BP gas station to offer quick charging for Electric Cars became operational this week. BP is not the first gas station to get a Quick Charge unit, that accolade goes to the Murphy Express station in Chattanooga which was the site of the very first quick charging station in Tennessee. The BP station is located at Bell Road in Antioch just off I-24. Interestingly BP are not shown as an EV Project partner., which may explain the lack of installations in the last 18 months.

I visited the site two weeks ago when I noticed that the charging station had appeared on the EV charging maps. At that time the unit was turned off, but the installation did look complete, presumably waiting on utility activation or planning inspection. The addition of this unit now means that 6 quick charge stations are within easy reach of my home allowing me to go further without having to wait for hours to recharge. All three interstates now have at least one quick charging station, I-24 has three of the six .

Nashville QC unit locations - Click to enlarge

Nashville QC unit locations – Click to enlarge

The quick charge stations are to the south and east of Nashville but there are no stations to the west or north of Nashville. I would really like to see one to the west of Nashville to make a return journey to Dickson TN convenient. I-40 at the intersection with the newly opened stretch of I-840 would be a great choice.

Nissan have promised to install 600 quick charge units in the US in the not too distant future. Some at partners, some at their dealerships. One place I’d like to see the next QC unit is in the center of Nashville, the BP on West End would be just fine 🙂

Plugshare website shows the BP QC unit is online and available

Plugshare website shows the BP QC unit is online and available

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3 Responses to BP add an EV quick charge station in Nashville TN

  1. Tom grose says:


    I tried the QC at Bell Rd last Sunday, Feb. 24. After getting the 2 ICED spaces open, which took a jump start on 1 ICE, I plugged in. Unfortunately the transformer shuts down right after the Leaf charger lights start blinking. I reported the problem to BLINK . They said the QC is not ready yet. I’m thinking of billing them for outage reports, ha,ha. I ended up using the QC at the Stewarts Ferry CB.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Thanks for the tip!! I was planning on going there this evening. Maybe I’ll go to CB instead.

      I too have my fair share of incident reports to Blink as well 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I used it on Saturday and it worked just fine..just wish there was a level 3 in the Brentwood area.

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