Nashville Parking Lot adds 8 Solar Assisted Charging Stations

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Almost adjacent to the Titans Stadium one will now find eight brand new Blink Electric Vehicle charging stations which are shaded by a large solar canopy.

This private parking lot is very close to Accurate Autobody and the Juvenile Justice Center on Woodland Street, downtown Nashville TN.

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The units are clearly brand new, none of the new electrical panels and infrastructure have any cobwebs on them and everything is sparkling new!! One of the parking spaces/charging units is dedicated for use by disabled persons and is clearly marked for Disabled Only *and* EV only use. The shaded spaces are very welcome for what has been a brutal hot summer. The solar canopy is perfectly positioned with no shading risk and should pay the parking lot owner for all of the electric consumed by EV’s at this location. This type of parking is great, power is generated when the energy is most likely to be needed for downtown parking, during the day and providing for a true “well to wheel” emissions free ride!!

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Currently one can charge for free at these units, regular parking rates apply. Parking rates are $5 6am-6pm and $10 all day. No doubt prices will be higher during special events, such as Titans games.

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