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EV Charger Grant Funds bypass workplace?

An Achilles heel of many electric vehicles is the limited range they provide making them inappropriate for 75% of the driving population. Ironically the drivers who stand to benefit the most from the electric vehicle’s low running cost (the high … Continue reading

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Are EV’s Green? Media sends Mixed Messages

A recent study by a non-profit group called the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge Mass, looked at the pollution footprint and cost savings of EV’s compared to conventional vehicles. What their study actually shows is a mystery to me, … Continue reading

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EV Friendly – Bledsoe Creek State Park

Update: 2014-02-22. Bledsoe Creek have changed their policy towards EV’s. We are no longer welcome. Original Article: Bledsoe Creek State Park is friendly towards EV’s offering free charges if you ask the camp host kindly before hooking up. I recently … Continue reading

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