Are EV’s Green? Media sends Mixed Messages

EV's Tailpipe?

A recent study by a non-profit group called the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge Mass, looked at the pollution footprint and cost savings of EV’s compared to conventional vehicles. What their study actually shows is a mystery to me, here are a selection of headlines from the media reporting on this study.


Electric cars greenest, regardless of power source
New York Daily News

Electric cars: Big climate aid in LA, but not Wichita
Christian Science Monitor
In some cities, electric cars do no better than high-mileage gasoline-powered cars.

Electric Vehicles Good for Environment, Save Money

Electric Vehicles More Climate-Friendly in Some Places Than Others

Electric vehicle drivers save $1200 on fuel, study finds
Bangor Daily News

Dirty Car

It appears the same study is open to a wide range of interpretations. The actual cost savings are clear enough to me, that much I can research myself.


The carbon footprint? I have no way to calculate that and given the media’s mixed coverage of the very same survey and add to that other contradictory surveys, and we simply don’t know the facts. We can merely form opinions.

I form my opinion based on what I observe driving an EV. I can drive 30 minutes at 70mph on the interstate, arrive home, open the hood and the engine bay isn’t even warm, I can place my hand on any component I choose and not get burnt. This is, in my opinion, clearly a more efficient way to drive.

To me driving an EV is less about saving the planet and more about driving a fun, safe car. I keep all my fuel dollars in the US, helping to improve our security and economy in one fell swoop.






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