Blink mobile app update is NOT automatic

Blink have notified its customers for several weeks now they are planning a major update to their portal and mobile apps the weekend of Oct 8th/9th 2022.

The old app simply errors out. Trying again later will never work.

I got an email early Sunday morning informing me the mobile app updates are ready. I updated all my apps and the Blink app was not updated. I tried the Blink app and it failed. It turns out you need to search for and download a new app with a new name, the old app will not automatically update, the old app should be removed from your phone.

The old app is called “Blink Mobile”. The New app is called “Blink Charging Mobile App”. Why Blink chose to update the app in this counter intuitive way is unknown.

The new app has a green bar along the top of the icon.

The new app has a green bar across the top of its icon. When I launched it I had to login in for the first time and I also had to add my EV’s to the app. My account balance and blink cards are retained which is encouraging. Favorite stations are not retained and need to be “hearted” again. Charging history has been erased.

The new Blink Mobile App
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