Only one LEAF on a dealer lot within 100 miles of Nissan HQ

Has Nissan stopped selling the LEAF?

I took an interest in what deals were on offer for the 2022 Nissan LEAF after reading an article regarding LEAF’s on sale for $89/month. I checked local inventory and no such deal was on offer. I then discovered there is only one Nissan LEAF on a dealer lot within 100 miles of Nissan HQ in Franklin Tennessee (as of August 7th 2021).

Newton Nissan

There is a single LEAF on the lot at Newton Nissan in Gallatin, where we bought our 2011 LEAF ten years ago. Two other dealers have a LEAF “In Transit”, Action Nissan and John Roberts Nissan. The Cool Springs dealership just a few miles from Nissan HQ have zero on the lot and zero in transit, the same applies to Downtown Nashville dealer and Nissan of Murfreesboro as well. Apparently many dealers have given up on the LEAF.

Nissan Ariya due soon

Nissan are scheduled to introduce the Ariya, their next EV. However the introduction of this car has been delayed until early 2022 in the USA. If Nissan are selling the inventory of LEAF’s prior to the introduction of the Ariya they will be out of stock well before Q4 2021.
One needs to travel up 250 miles to get any kind of choice when it comes to a Nissan EV. It’s sad to see the LEAF become insignificant in the EV marketplace after such an inspiring introduction in 2010. Hero to zero in a single decade.

Just three LEAF’s within 100 miles of Nisan HQ, two of which are “in Transit”
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1 Response to Only one LEAF on a dealer lot within 100 miles of Nissan HQ

  1. Nate says:

    That is a real head scratcher. Here in the Bay Area they are proliferate. But I agree that they’ve received no love from Nissan in recent years. Why not phase out one of the 4 ICE sedans in the Nissan lineup and give the Leaf some more traditional styling?

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