North Dakota Finally Gets a Supercharger

Supercharger at Fargo ND

On May 29th 2020 a supercharger opened in Fargo ND. North Dakota is the very last state in the lower 48 to get supercharging capability. The supercharger location is a V3 installation allowing up to 250 kW charge rate. The state is due to get five more superchargers across the state, three of which are already under construction.

Its not possible to cross North Dakota using superchargers until these additional stations open. When built the North Dakota superchargers will form the northernmost cross country route across the US.

North Dakota is sparsely populated with about 800,000 residents. Yet it is almost twice the size of Tennessee. North Dakota is an Oil Shale state so one can imagine electric vehicles are not on the top of Santa’s wish list there.

The last two states to get a supercharger outside of the lower 48 will be Alaska and Hawaii. Neither of these states have any planned installations.

Current and Future Supercharger locations for ND

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