Is the Tesla Model 3 a puncture magnet?

Trips to the tire shop are becoming too frequent

My Tesla Model 3 has now had its third puncture since new in just over 28,000 miles in just over a year. Two of those punctures were with relatively new tires. By comparison my Nissan LEAF has had one puncture in 133,000 miles over eight years.

I’m traveling the same roads and parking in the same garage as I did with my LEAF. I wonder if the weight of the car is factor combined with lower profile tires. The LEAF weighs 3,375 lbs, the Model 3 weighs 4,072 lbs. I carry an electric tire pump in the Tesla’s trunk at all times.

Here are the intervals where the punctures occured.

12/20/2018 @ 4,165 miles

9/9/2019 @ 19,601 miles

1/31/2020 @ 28,202 miles (1,988 miles on new tires).

In each case a screw was found in the tire and the tire patched. I purchased road hazard warranty with the new tires I got at Discount Tire. Given the frequency of issues I’m glad that I did.


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