First Tesla Service Experience

Booking the Appointment: A+

Schedule appointment directly in phone app

Making an appointment for service is done via the Tesla App. You are able to enter a description of the service items you wish to have accomplished. I had created a Google Docs document with a list of items including photos of the issues I had experienced, I included a link in the service entry. Tesla had no issues accessing this and understanding my concerns. Traditional automakers are less tech savvy and would probably be unable to accept such a submission and prefer email, phone or face to face. Very convenient.

Prompt email correspondence and feedback: A-

I received a response from my local Tesla Service Center quickly. Some of the problems I reported are known issues and will be included in a future software update. Some problems reported such as a weak paint on the front door pillars is apparently how the cars are made with the top coat being applied with the car doors mounted on the car.  I was assured the corrosion resistant base coats will protect the paintwork. A little weird, I asked that my concern be put on file should corrosion appear in those locations. I had a tech examine the paint in person and he confirmed this is normal, I pointed out its the first I’ve seen like that ona new car and he acknowledged that improvements are being made to the manufacturing process all the time based on customer feedback.

Occasional fogging of the rear passenger tail light is considered normal if it dissipates after 30 minutes of driving or less. In my case the fogging dissipated quickly so was not considered a fault to be fixed.

Two of the six service items remained on the list for my visit to the service center. Brake squeal at low speeds in reverse and also a scheduled tire rotation.

The only negative from the email correspondence I experienced is that my last question regarding if I would need to wait on the service or get a loaner went unanswered.

Check In to Service: B-

I pulled into the service bay. At a traditional automaker, such as Nissan, I would be greeted within seconds and details of mileage and service items taken down, not so at Tesla!. Ungreeted I got my belongings I went through several doorways until I found the right one to meet a service writer. After this rather lonely experience, things went very well. The service writer Justin was very friendly, retrieved details of my service and confirmed items to be accomplished. As I handed over my card key I enquired about getting an additional card key which is available only through the service center. I was quoted $10 which I accepted. Tesla offered me a ride home or an Enterprise rental, I chose the rental.

Enterprise Rental: A+

Nissan Frontier is my Enterprise Rental.

We waited in the showroom waiting area for Enterprise to arrive. We were offered a cookie by a very friendly customer rep and enjoyed a Keurig brewed coffee.

As usual Enterprise did a great job. After waiting for 5 minutes or so in the showroom waiting area I was greeted by an Enterprise rep who had my “car”. I did all the paperwork on a tablet device and was handed the keys.  Other than show my drivers license I didn’t need to provide any other information, all information was transmitted electronically from Tesla to Enterprise. Very convenient for the customer. Good job Tesla and Enterprise. The only vehicle they had was a Nissan Frontier pickup truck.. Gas is included in the rentals for Tesla, so I had access to a full tank of gas without the need to refill. Upon return I handed the keys to Tesla and they arrange for Enterprise to pick up. Shame they don’t rent Tesla vehicles in Nashville.

Pickup Experience: A+

I received a text to advise me that my car was almost ready.

Friendly text when car is (almost) ready for pickup.

I was asked to arrive between 5 and 6 pm. I arrived 30 minutes before the time indicated in the text, left the rental car keys with the service writer and waited one hour for my car which was ready at 5:30. The waiting area is better than the average car dealership. I noticed on my Tesla app that two key cards were added to my vehicle while I was waiting.

Quality of Work Performed. A+

All areas of concern were addressed. The car was washed and vacuumed at no extra cost as is customary with good car service. I enquired how the brake squeal was addressed, the service tech noticed a loose bolt on the brake assembly. They tightened the bolt which addressed the issue. I was assured the rotors were not damaged by the loose bolt. So glad I took the car in for what appeared to be a minor annoyance, it turned out to be a safety concern. Yikes!!

Loose bolt in my brakes!!

Tire Rotation costs $62.50, quite expensive. The brake repair was covered by warranty. I got one freebie from Tesla. Apparently they don’t sell single key cards, but sell them in pairs. Tesla provided the second key card at no additional cost and the credit for the second card was shown on my final paperwork.

Electronic Signature

Tesla ask you to electronically sign the paperwork emailed to you within 30 days. I signed with a wet signature at the service center, so I’m not sure what this is all about. An electronic only signature would be fine, but both seems unnecessary.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Given a lot of negative service experience reviews recently on YouTube, I found my experience to be really good. No complaints here.

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  1. glecko says:

    How far out was the service center scheduling appointments when you went to book this service?

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