What’s the difference between a BMW and a Porcupine?….

….With a porcupine the pricks are on the outside.

Boom boom!!

Fancy cars beget fancy behaviour. In the video below watch a BMW driver cut across two lanes in front me and brake check the car next to me in the hammer lane, after which he/she resumes speeding and takes off. I was tempted to zoom past the BMW and return the favor, but that would just make me as bad a driver and potentially create a road rage situation. Bad drivers are best ahead of you where you can keep your eye on them.

In another incident a Mercedes decides that it’s best to take the left fork from the rightmost lane. I flashed my lights to let him/her know that the maneuver was not welcomed. You can see in the thumbnail below the Mercedes was awfully close to clipping my front end, very dangerous. It seems many people on my morning commute are out to kill me. Good job the Tesla Model 3 is the safest car on the road today.

These video are from the Tesla Model 3 front camera which doubles up as a dashcam. Both of these videos are taken at about 6:30 am when it is still quite dark, the quality of the model 3 dashcam leaves something to be desired in low light conditions. Maybe Tesla can fix this in another over the air update.

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