HCA becomes leading EV friendly employer in Tennessee, second only to Nissan.

Public EV station at HCA Capitol View. Click to enlarge

Public EV station at HCA Capitol View. This can charge two vehicles simultaneously. Click to enlarge.

HCA is a major employer in Nashville, with the recent opening of a new downtown office building in Nashville called Capitol View, HCA now has 26 EV charging stations for the use of employees (14 at Capitol View and 12 at Park Plaza) which is second only to Nissan Americas in Franklin TN. In addition to the 16 employee charging stations at Capitol View, there are two stations available for visitors near the ground floor entrance.

According to Plugshare.com other notable employers in Tennessee include Vanderbilt which has 17 EV charging stations at several locations in Nashville for use by faculty or students. The University of Tennessee in Knoxville has 15 EV charging stations. The Oak Ridge National Laboratories near Knoxville have a good number of EV charging stations for employees and visitors, but they have chosen to keep the number private.

HCA have done well to install the EV charging stations with generous charging 22 foot cables capable of reaching a dozen spaces. This avoids having to dedicate spaces to EV’s that may remain empty some of the time. Unfortunately the spaces are premium parking spaces so there will be keen competition for the spaces. HCA have chosen to make the use of the charging stations free for employees and visitors.

Workplace charging stations double the range of an electric vehicle when used for commuting. So a 73 mile 2011 LEAF is instantly transformed into a 146 mile commuter. The latest 2017 LEAF can travel 107 mile on a single charge, making it capable of commuting 214 miles per day when taking advantage of workplace charging. The GE Durastation EVSE’s installed at Capitol view are 30amp / 240volt units capable of charging at 7.2 kW, enough energy to add about 25 miles of charge per hour.

In addition to office space for HCA, the Capitol View building at 1100 Charlotte Avenue hosts a conference center and retail outlets on the lower floors. The retail spaces have yet to be occupied, this will occur in 2017.

Capitol View Entrance seen from public parking garage.

Capitol View Entrance seen from public parking garage. Click to enlarge.


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9 Responses to HCA becomes leading EV friendly employer in Tennessee, second only to Nissan.

  1. ralphmc says:

    Thanks JP for sharing, happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Stephen B says:

    How about that! I went to pull the trigger on a Leaf from Carvana due to their $1000 Black Friday deal and all the Leafs on their site are pending sale. Have you gotten a new battery on yours or figured ut what you are going to do with your Leaf yet JP? Thanks again for the Info.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      I have a battery on order at the dealer. It’s taken several weeks already and no ETA on when it will get in. The dealer complained the amount of red tape and extra procedures for a customer bought battery is several times worse than a warranty replacement !?! Go figure. I decided to buy a battery, the Bolt EV is now officially on a slow rollout, not nationwide launch, I can’t wait the time it may take to become available.

      HCA Capitol View opening was a blessing. Now we have low overnight temps, I can’t really get more than about 28 miles out of the battery before low battery warning. Cool Springs is no longer possible. We moved to Capitol View from Cool Springs the weekend the indian summer came to an abrupt end. Talk about lucky.

      Hopefully I will have the new battery before we see single digit overnight lows, not sure the battery I have would make it to Nashville in those temps.

      BTW I have detailed the quantity and locations of all the EVSE’s at Capitol View on Plugshare.


    That is wonderful, how do you like the new battery? Does it seem far superior to the original?

    • jpwhitehome says:

      In terms of capacity, it is a great relief not to have to watch remaining miles on LEAFSpy pro continually and adjusting speed or AC/Heat. It takes a several weeks for a new battery to achieve its maximum capacity so I will watch it “grow” over the next few weeks and see what the maximum capacity ends up being. It has grown 3 Ah already from 63 to 66, I imagine it will moderate but continue its growth 🙂

    • jpwhitehome says:

      After driving to and from work yesterday I realize the new battery has restored the cars efficiency. Instead of getting 3.7 miles/kWh driving at 60 on the interstate, I am now getting 4.3 miles/kWh driving at the speed limit, and if anything it’s a little colder this week than last. I can actually see the battery charge level increase as I descend hills using LEAFSpyPro, something I forgot used to happen when the original battery was healthy.

      The old worn battery caused the cars BMS to dial back on the regen braking, I suppose in order to try and preserve what life was left in the battery. Getting full regenerative braking back is awesome.

  4. Stephanie Weddle says:

    Please bring EV charging stations to HCA hospitals and clinics in the Kansas City area, please.

  5. Ruthi says:

    H Is HCA planning on having EV charging stations at all their hospitals eventually . I have noticed multiple ones including myself now ( just bought an energi from ford ) so I’m sure it would be appreciated. or a dedicated spot where we could just plug in the level 1 chargers that came with our car would even be pretty awesome. ?

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