Nashville Airport installs reasonably priced EV Charging including a Rapid Charger


Two Level 2 charge units and one DC Fast Charge unit at Nashville AIrport Short Term Car Park

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is installing several EV charging stations in their short term parking lot. They are housed underneath a solar canopy on the top deck. Two 240v Level 2 charging stations and one Eaton CHAdeMO DC Fast Charge unit will be operational soon.

The cost is very reasonable. $2 per charge session starting in June 2015, until then they are free to use once the installation is completed.

One very refreshing feature of these units is the inclusion of a credit card reader for activation. No ‘charging network cards’ are required to activate the units. I wish more charging stations followed the standard credit card model utilized at gas stations. I have no problem with an additional loyalty card(s) to get a discount or other benefits.


The first 20 minutes of short term parking is free at the airport. So it is conceivable one could rapid charge for $2 and not incur a parking fee!!

Well done Nashville Airport, you have a done a great job all round with this installation. It promises to be the best EV charging location in the Nashville area.


Fast Charge Unit at Nashville Airport (BNA)


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