Nissan tries new cable/connector for their CHAdeMO quick chargers

Yazaki branded CHAdeMO connnector at Nissan HQ

Yazaki branded CHAdeMO connector at Nissan HQ

At Nissan HQ at Franklin TN there is a new style CHAdeMO connector on the quick charge unit. This connector makes inserting and removing the connector from the LEAF much much easier. Notice in the photo how there is no longer a lever or catch. The new connector simply pushes on to the car until you hear a click. Removal is easy, press the yellow release button and pull the connector off the car. I noticed the connector is much lighter than before, in part due to the fact it is made of plastic rather than metal and also the cable seems to be of a much smaller gauge. Now there is no lever, stowing the connector is easier and the receptacle on the main cabinet is better designed to receive the connector.

I look forward to the time Nissan has the connectors and cable changed at its CHAdeMO units nationwide, this is a vast improvement over the earlier design, which is heavy and difficult to use.

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2 Responses to Nissan tries new cable/connector for their CHAdeMO quick chargers

  1. Ralph says:

    JP, thanks for the report!

    I too noticed in one Blink CHAdeMO station – in Manchester, TN that they had mounted a new and simpler yes lighter plug to the BLINK DC Fast Charger – was a really good experience.

    JP, how do keep finding out when those Nissan QC are ready to go? Do drive by every MAPCO station on a regular schedule? 🙂

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Hi Ralph!!

      I keep my eye on Plugshare for any new quick charge units. I also had a tip from John Arnesen at Nissan HQ (who is charge of their infrastructure) as to where the MAPCO units were being installed.

      I need photos for the Murfreesboro and Bellevue MAPCO’s to blog about those. If you are ever close to them shoot me an image or three 🙂

      As drivers in Nashville we haven’t met fora long time, do you know of any meetings that occur in the Nashville area?

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