Three More Tennessee Dealer Quick Chargers Installed

Clarksville and Murfreesboro Dealer QuciCharge Units identified in Red. Click to Enlarge

Clarksville and Murfreesboro Dealer Quick Charge Units identified in Red.
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According to three more Tennessee dealers have had Quick Charge Units installed recently. This now makes 5 Dealer Quick Charge units are now installed and operational. Of the three new ones One is at Nissan of Murfreesboro just a few miles from the Cracker Barrel in Murfreesboro which also has had a quick charge unit for a few years. Another is at Harold Mathews Nissan in Clarksville TN. These two locations appear on Plugshare, but there are no notes or photos to corroborate the pins on the map. If local LEAF owners would like to visit these dealers and update with a Photo and a note indicating when the unit was installed that would be great!!

Mountain View Nissan Quick Charge Unit

Mountain View Nissan Quick Charge Unit
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Finally Mountain View Nissan Chattanooga has one as well, which is close to 4 other quick charge units at Cracker Barrel (2), Murphy Express and Sears.

The unit in Clarksville is very well placed giving drivers to the north and west access to a quick charge unit. Several years ago I took a business trip to Clarksville and left the LEAF at home. Now I could make that same journey without worries.

Some TN Cities left wanting

Both Nashville and Chattanooga have a good number of these quick charge units now. Two major Tennessee towns with little or no coverage are Memphis and Knoxville. Knoxville does have one unit at Farragut ever since the first Tennessee Quick Charge units were installed by Blink/Ecotality at Cracker Barrel Locations on I-24, I-40 and I-75 shortly after the LEAF was launched.

Long Distance Travel

Many Quick Charge units have been installed in Georgia, making it possible to travel over 300 miles from Clarksville, TN to Union City, Atlanta, GA almost exclusively on Quick Charge units.  Many of the units on the way are free to use. There is a small 65 mile gap in Georgia between Dalton and Kennesaw, which I expect to see filled before too long.

Tesla at a Nissan Dealer?

A Tesla coming to a Nissan Dealer near you soon? Click to Enlarge

A Tesla coming to a Nissan Dealer near you soon?
Tesla to Chademo Adapter
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Although the only vehicles sold in the US that natively use the Chademo connector come from Nissan and Mitsubishi, Tesla recently announced they are selling a Tesla-to-Chademo adapter, its expensive at $1,000 but with no Superchargers coming to Tennessee until 2015, expect to see an occasional Tesla at these stations as well as LEAF’s and i-Miev’s. It will be interesting to see if a Nissan dealer would object to a Tesla using one of these units and if this would spark another Tesla vs Dealer battle.  (Update:2014-07-11. Chatanooga now shows as ‘coming soon’ on the supercharger mapNashville is now showing as a 2014 install, previously it was 2015. Tennessee appears to have moved up in the list of Supercharger candidate installs recently).

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2 Responses to Three More Tennessee Dealer Quick Chargers Installed

  1. Brad Schmidt says:

    Used the Clarksville fast charger today. Works great.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Hope the quick charge warmed up your battery some as well 🙂 I’ve lost tons of range the past two days.

      Thanks for confirming the DCFC is working well in Clarksville.

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