EV Charging Wars thanks to a Lexus

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Lexus takes an EV parking Spot – Click to Enlarge

At busy locations it is quite common for EV charging spaces to be occupied by gasoline vehicles. On a recent trip to Franklin TN I stopped at Wholefoods on a Friday lunchtime. Busy busy time. One EV spot was taken by a silver LEAF, the other by a Lexus gasoline car. I surveyed the situation and noticed an open spot on the next aisle over next to the silver LEAF. I drove around and fortunately the cord on the GE charging stations is very generous and reached my car.

It occurred to me that the Lexus might leave and a LEAF drive up looking for a charge. I left my EV Charging Protocol card up in the window giving my cell phone number to call or text. The Courtesy Protocol Card I left indicated it was OK to unplug my car after 1pm.

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Note from ‘Miffed’ LEAF Owner – Click to Enlarge

Upon returning to my vehicle, there was a black LEAF in the spot previously occupied by the Lexus. I noticed a note on my car Window. The LEAF owner was clearly miffed. However rather than contact me and ask for permission to charge, the note indicated that I should not have charged my vehicle from an ‘unauthorized’ space and denied him/her a charge. The black LEAF’s charge port was locked, so I could not start a charge for the owner.

What should I have done? Driven off? I tried putting myself in the shoes of the black LEAF owner. Clearly he/she had a reasonable expectation of getting a charge in an open EV charging spot only to find the charging station in use in another space opposite. The frustration is clear. I then thought what would I have done? And what should  I do? Certainly I’d be miffed too, however there are a few things I could do. Call or text the driver using the number given (I received no call or text). Or I could leave a  note saying, “If you get back before me plug me in, I’ve left my charge port open”.

The real enemy here is the Lexus owner who was inconsiderate enough to park in an EV charging space. There’s no need for EV owners to get mad with each other. We should get mad at the gasoline car drivers who have no consideration for others.

Have you ever noticed its the luxury cars that most often exhibit an attitude of entitlement? I’m sure they think they are more important than the rest of us.

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2 Responses to EV Charging Wars thanks to a Lexus

  1. DaveinOlyWA says:

    As a fellow LEAF driver he should have deduced you were ICE’d out of parking there. As far as being miffed the charger was in use, well that’s the breaks. First come, first served. You did all you could do. I am frankly shocked at the Black LEAFer’s utter lack of understanding

  2. What did it matter to the black Leaf? I mean… you were still using the charger! Did it matter if you were in the right spot?

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