Used LEAF market is comatose

I have watched the used LEAF market over the last few months to try and see what a used LEAF will sell for. I watched 9 LEAF listings on eBay over a 4 month period. Here’s how the listing outcomes have broken down.

  • 9 LEAF’s listed.
  • 0 Vehicles Sold, reserve not met or zero bids.
  • 2 listings received no bids.
  • Lowest ‘high bid’ $1,675 – Reserve Not Met.
  • Highest ‘high bid’ $15,900, Reserve Not Met.
  • Buy-it-Now prices averaged $21,500.

LEAF does not sell second hand.
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I got a very low trade in estimate for my LEAF from my local Nissan dealer. The salesman said the estimate is so low because ‘No one is buying used LEAF’s”. Apparently he was telling the truth!!

2013 LEAF sales are brisk compared to previous year models, but it looks like used car buyers are very wary of the LEAF giving it a wide berth.

One possible explanation, other than fear of an EV, is that many people I speak to are surprised to hear you can actually charge up a LEAF using a 120v standard outlet. “Really? they ask, I thought you had to have a special charger installed”. If folks think they have to buy an expensive charger for home, that creates a mental barrier. Even so I would recommend getting a dedicated unit in your garage, it is much more convenient. Bosch are now selling charging units for the home starting at $495. They aren’t expensive anymore. Who knew?

Another issue is that there are few if any incentives for second hand EV purchasers, the government incentives are going to new car buyers only.

With very depressed secondhand values, looks like I’m keeping my LEAF ’till the wheels fall off.

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6 Responses to Used LEAF market is comatose

  1. Unfortunate that they aren’t more in demand, in one sense. On the other hand, as a lessee I might have teriffic bargaining power when time comes to turn my car in. I can scoff at the residual value they have estimated and make a much lower offer, else they wind up with one more used Leaf sitting on the lot.

    • David Taylor says:

      Just to let you know the residual with Nissan is fixed and the dealer is under no obligation to have the car on their lot at all they can just return it to Nissan who will auction it off.

  2. thedesertion says:

    Just found your blog. I am a brand new 2013 leaf lessee, but I am really considering ownership as part of the end game. I live in AZ (super hot) where some Leaf owners have made some successful lemon law claims against Nissan with regard to battery life. I am concerned about that, but I still love the Leaf regardless, at least for now anyway. From this post I am getting the impression that you’re looking to let the Leaf go. I’ll have to read more of your blog to find out more about your Leaf experience.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Hi Julia,

      Yes, if I had the option I’d upgrade the LEAF to the 2013 model. Right now depressed 2nd hand values make that proposition way too expensive. After the fed tax credit I’d have to find north of $10,000. I’m not displeased with the LEAF if that is the impression I have given.

      Be aware that Nissan have just recently announced a battery replacement program which will be effective in 2014. Essentially if the battery is out of warranty and degrades below 70% capacity (9 bars on the capacity gauge). Then one can enter their battery replacement program for $100/month and get a brand new battery and replacements for that battery for as long as you stay in the program. Details of the announcement are minimal right now, I don’t think Nissan have finalized the program just yet.

      Certainly in AZ you will experience higher than average battery degradation, but with the new battery replacement program you are assured a minimum capacity level for as long as you have the car. If your capacity drops below 9 bars during your lease/warranty period you will be entitled to a replacement battery under Nissan’s battery capacity warranty.

      Nissan are making changes to their warranties to avoid last years Lemon Law debacle in AZ.

      I believe you did right to lease in your hot climate. By lease end you will know the details on Nissan Battery Replacement Program and if converting to ownership is something you wish to do or not.

      • thedesertion says:

        I also think it was a good idea for me to lease. I traded in a BMW that wasn’t going to get me any money in 2 years and in return I got the Leaf for 2 years with a payment of $103 per month which includes tax as well as the extended service plan that goes into 36 months in the event that I do decide to buy at the end of 2 years’ time. The 24 month service plan as opposed to the 36 month service plan was just $10 difference overall since Nissan had some kind of promotion going on, so I figured that I’d buy the extra coverage could do me good if I end up buying. You and I are at the forefront of changing technology. The future is already here – we are embracing it while the world sits back and observes what happens to us. This is an experiment for sure, and I am very happy to be a part of it.

        Know what’s crazy? I don’t even own a charger. I don’t have a garage to put it in. I picked up my leaf on Saturday and I only charged it once so far at a Blink station. So this entire experience is even crazier for me than it is for other Leaf owners. I’ll have to rely exclusively on the chargers at Blink spots or at Nissan dealers for now 🙂 Plan to buy a house in the next year or so!

  3. John Hollenberg says:

    Are you sure the used Leaf market isn’t comAtose?

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