Hendersonville City Square adds 8 more EV charging stations

DSC_2444webHendersonville City Square Solar Center has recently added 8 more Blink EV charging stations to the two they already had for a grand total of 10 charging stations. The total number of EVSE’s in Hendersonville is 20, so the solar center now has half of them!! So if you are waiting on a Roma Pizza or need to visit Vandenbergh Insurance agency, you are in luck as an EV Driver. No shortage of power here. The soar center has more solar assisted stations than a large parking lot close to the Titans stadium in Nashville. City Square boasts one of the State of Tennessee’s largest PV solar energy installations.

CitySquareChargingStationsI’ve seen gasoline vehicles parked in these spaces; when given that the units occupy an entire section of the parking lot is no big surprise. This addition of EV charging capacity certainly puts Hendersonville on the map in Middle Tennessee. One hopes this will inspire other shopping centers to install EV charging units. Units at The Streets of Indian Lake would be most welcome. Shopping centers and malls have been slow to adopt to this technology; not just in Tennessee but all around the nation. Anywhere a car owners may spend an hour or more is an ideal location for a charging station.

DSC_2445webSolar installation companies have been early adopters of this technology. In addition to City Square Solar in Hendersonville, Outpost Solar in Pulaski were one of the first in Tennessee, Integrated Solar in East Nashville and Lightwave Solar in La Vergne have also adopted the technology in the last year. The promise of driving a vehicle on sunshine alone is very compelling; many EV owners also own solar systems.

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4 Responses to Hendersonville City Square adds 8 more EV charging stations

  1. Also sounds like it would be a good idea for businesses to encourage charging stations or set up business in areas with stations since the car owners are likely to want to grab a bite or go shopping while waiting for their cars to be charged.

  2. Timothy King says:

    So much for using the blink chargers at city square. Every spot had a regular car parked in the slots. There should be a fine for this.

    • DHanson865 says:

      determinately should be a fine if there is only one or two chargers but when there are 10 chargers side by side and the lot is a small lot I can understand some or all of those space being dual use (ICE + EV).

      I notice one of the spaces is an employee of the month space, and another is a pizza space so signage there already is reserving spaces for non EV use even though there are chargers there.

      • jpwhitehome says:

        The employee of the month and Pizza signage exisited prior to the EVSE’s going in. Odd they would use the same space for the EVSE’s why not use another space? Or relocate the designated parking spaces elsewhere. As you point out it encourages dual use. Side by side is not conducive to shared use, which I have no problem with but the 8 EVSE’s could easily service 40 spaces if they were all dual use spaces and EVSE’s were spread out rather than concentrated.

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