Green Hills 0, East Nashville 10

Yep. That’s the count of Electric Vehicle charging stations in Green Hills and East Nashville. How come  a chic area of town has zero charging stations while East Nashville sports 10? Interestingly Belle Meade only has one at the Belle Meade Publix. The ‘rich’ areas of town have little to no investment in EV infrastructure. It’s a mystery to me.

The only rational I can come up with is that parking is so tight in Green Hills they don’t want to dedicate spaces to EV’s. Or is this a Conservative vs Liberal split? I’d love to hear your opinions.

The list of charging spaces in East Nashville are as follows.

Shelby Park – 4
Integrated Solar – 3
Urban Housing Solutions – 2
The Green Wagon – 1

If you are to include LP Field in East Nashville then you can add 8 more charging units to the total.

Update 2012-08-25: Just a week after posting this blog article, 4 more EV charging stations have been installed in East Nashville at the East Community Center next to East Park on Woodland Street. That takes the east Nashville count up to 14 now. Green Hills still stuck at zero.

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2 Responses to Green Hills 0, East Nashville 10

  1. Good question. I work in Green Hills and have wondered the same thing. I doubt it’s because of politics. My speculation is it’s because you have more large “corporate owned” landlords in Green Hills so there is more bureaucracy involved in getting to a decision to install (eg. Return on investment, liability, don’t want to reopen current written lease terms, have to run it by legal, no one ‘owns’ the issue, etc.). Plus there are fewer government owned venues that could install spaces.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Not sure corporate red tape is totally to blame. In Hendersonville the locations are McDonald’s, Cracker Barrel and the City Hall. Plenty of red tape to throw around in those organizations. I would certainly think a chic restaurant would have jumped on board by now, or one of the greener outlets in green hills. What with no more allocations from the EV project being made in TN, anything that shows up now will totally at the cost of the owner/landlord, the ‘free money’ (ie yours and mine) is gone.

      Just thought, Whole Foods in Cool Springs has a few EVSE’s, but the green hills store does not. Same red tape for either store I wouldn’t wonder.

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