Gallatin Civic Center adds EV Charging

Gallatin Civic Center Entrance

Gallatin Civic Center have added two Electric Vehicle charging stations. This makes four locations in Gallatin TN that have electric vehicle charging stations. This puts Gallatin at parity with Hendersonville TN.

Retail and Restaurant locations are popular locations to install this type of equipment, but I have to say that installation at a civic center makes so much more sense. Most people coming to the civic center will spend over an hour, maybe 2 or 3 exercising or attending a meeting or event. Plenty of time to fully charge a typical EV.

Two new Juice stations

The charging stations are placed right next to the main entrance, premium parking for sure. I wonder if non electric vehicles will park here or not. As nice as it is to get premium parking spaces as an EV driver, I do wish placement of these chargers didn’t take up the most valuable parking spaces. Premium parking spaces induce resentment in other drivers, and those who are brazen enough to park there anyway rob the EV driver of a place to charge. Placement in non premium locations would better serve the EV driver while not inconveniencing everyone else.

The stations had not been wired into the main power on July 6th when I visited, I expect they will be operational next week. Installation of these units tends to be rapid, compare that to how long it takes to build a new gas station. Construction of gas stations takes months and are located at places you don’t want to spend much time. What better way to fuel your car while enjoying a swim at the pool or exercising with friends in the gym?

I wonder if Civic Center employees will be allowed use of the charging stations?

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