Gallatin McDonald’s gets an EV charging station

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Just like Hendersonville, Gallatin now has a McDonald’s that tends to the needs to EV owners in addition to Cracker Barrel. It’s the McDonald’s opposite Vol State Community College. The Blink charger has the latest firmware that requires both an RFID card (as before) and now your zip code to activate the charger. The display is in bright sun, so reading the display is challenging especially while wearing sunglasses.

View of Drive Through Lane – Click to enlarge

I got a successful charge on my first attempt and was able to cool the vehicle prior to setting off 46 minutes later. The location isn’t obvious, I had to circle the building twice to find it nestled between the building and the drive through lane. During busy periods gaining access to the charger and reversing out of the space won’t be easy. The first time around the building I could not see the unit because of drive through traffic.

The good news is that it works and is another choice I have for a quick boost on my way too and fro from work.

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