Is this Nissan’s pace car? I hope not

Nissan’s Official Vehicle for the Country Music Marathon.
Click to enlarge

I went to pickup my St. Jude’s Country Music Marathon number and other items today in Nashville, TN. Outside the Convention Center I spotted an official Nissan vehicle. Nissan are sponsoring the St. Jude’s Country Music Marathon this year.

The ‘official vehicle’ is a Nissan Versa. I would have hoped they would be promoting the LEAF in style. It is certainly capable of running 26.2 miles and without using any gas, but a Versa? One hopes they have a better vehicle set aside to pace the race this Saturday. If not a LEAF the 2013 Altima?

Update: After the race I have spotted pictures of the LEAF pace car online. I also saw a LEAF parked on the ‘nude roundabout’ on music row as I went around the half marathon course. I cramped at mile 12 and couldn’t release the cramp, but did manage to limp over the finish line.

Pace Car – Click to enlarge

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