A more accurate way of predicting your range

Driving Range Gauge

The driving range indicator in the LEAF, lovingly known in the LEAF community as a ‘guess-o-meter’, is notorious for predicting mileage that is not achievable. The problem is partly the algorithm Nissan provide, however no algorithm can predict how you are about to drive only how you did drive recently.

Factors like speed, hills, ambient temperature, use of cooling or heating, battery charge level all have varying degrees of impact on the vehicles range. Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but if you plan a trip that may push the limits of the vehicles range, it’s nice to know ahead of time if you can truly make the trip.

Click to Download Spreadsheet

I have devised a spreadsheet that accepts input of the temperature, use of cooling/heating, altitude and total vehicle mileage to make adjustments to a range chart devised by Tony Williams. The range chart from Tony is great and I keep a copy in the glove compartment, but making the adjustments as specified by the range chart challenges my mental arithmetic. The spreadsheet I devised makes those adjustments for you and shows the vehicles range at varying speeds and the state of the battery charge.

You know approximately what speeds you will drive at on your trip and the likely temperature, the vehicle doesn’t; so you now  can better predict range rather than depend on the guess-o-meter. One can experiment with climate control on or off to see if it will make a sizable impact or not, why fret, freeze, sweat or drive like a granny if you don’t have to? With better prediction, you can now plan trips with more confidence.

The spreadsheet in excel form can be downloaded here, or for use on mobile devices or computers without Microsoft Office a Google docs version is available here.

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7 Responses to A more accurate way of predicting your range

  1. Howard White says:

    Do not forget the natural performance decay of the battery packs over time…

    • jpwhitehome says:

      By entering the odometer mileage, the spreadsheet makes adjustments for the age of the battery. Approximate of course, but it does attempt to consider that variable.

  2. Mike Jones says:

    Awesome! You should try and make it into an iPhone/Android app. Thanks for all that you do.

  3. Ken babcock says:

    Hi, this is an only somewhat related reply.
    Can you tell me if it is technically possible for an American model 2013 Leaf “carwings” feature to be made useable in Canada. Apparently, the feature only operates on the AT&T network and does not translate to Rogers or Bell or Telus up here in Canada.
    I ask because the purchase price for a Leaf in the states (even with import fees) is significantly less than in Canada, provided I purchase a used 2013 car.
    It seems to me that this “issue” should be easily solved with a software upgrade or module swap (something I am willing to pay for).

    Thanks in advance,
    Ken in Victoria BC

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