National Plug In Day – Middle Tennessee

Ribbon Cutting at McDonald's. Pictured are Garry Forsythe, Stephanie Cox and Judy Lyon.

I visited two locations in Middle Tennessee to celebrate  the first electric vehicle (EV) National Plug-In Day. First I went to McDonald’s in Hendersonville TN and then drove onto Schneider Electric in Nashville TN. I got a successful charge at both locations, Yippee!!

At both locations not only did LEAF and Volt drivers participate, but many members of the public and press came to learn more about electric and alternative fuel vehicles, which is of course one of the major tenants of the Plug-In day.

Stephanie Cox, Ecotality

At Hendersonville the Mayors office was represented by Garry Forsythe and Don Long, Ecotality was represented by Stephanie Cox, and McDonald’s was represented by franchise owner Judy Lyon. Mix 92.9 radio station also provided a booth and spin the wheel game. This McDonald’s is special because it is the very first publicly accessible charging station in Sumner County to come online!! (Not counting Nissan Dealerships). The best part is that access to these chargers is free to the public, the Lyon’s and McDonald’s are happy to promote EV adoption and roll-out in Middle Tennessee providing drivers with free fuel in exchange for your custom at the restaurant.

Mix 92.9 Radio Station Vehicle (Gas Guzzler)

Spin the Wheel - Mix 92.9 Style!!

Get this; Hendersonville TN will sport Nine EV charging stations in the not too distant future with a couple others planed in addition to the nine. Hendersonville happily risks becoming the EV capital in Middle Tennessee. How awesome is that!! Don Long also revealed the City has plans to purchase EV’s for city employees to use around town on city business. Hendersonville are coming on strong with this emerging technology. Makes me proud to live in Hendersonville.

Schneider Electric Plug-In Day and their EV chargers.

Next stop was Schneider Electric near Nashville International Airport. The turn out here was in excess of 20 LEAF’s and one Volt. This is the first time I have seen a Chevy Volt ‘in the flesh’ and a handsome car it is. Registered in Davidson county, the Volt was purchased by its owner in Dallas Texas, since Volt’s are not for sale in Tennessee just yet. Schneider Electric provided Food and Refreshments, very welcome in the 83 degree beautiful Tennessee October day.

Chevy Volt. This first I've seen on Tennessee Roads.

I love Tennessee in October! Schneider have two two port chargers at their Nashville office, they were kept very busy by several owners such as myself who had traveled form Hendersonville, White House and Greenbriar, TN.

Plug In Day is an National event!! Thanks Ralph!!

Thanks to Ralph for being the local cheerleader and help promote the events in Middle Tennessee.

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2 Responses to National Plug In Day – Middle Tennessee

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the writeup of this event. I intended to go meet some other LEAF owners but was sick unfortunately. All of your posts have been excellent btw.

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