LEAF second hand market sputters

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Two additional LEAF’s for sale on eBay motors have only one bid between them. It appears the initial interest in picking up LEAF’s on the second hand market is falling off. This is no doubt due to the 2012 LEAF being available for reservation. Those seeking a vehicle previously could not reserve a LEAF since Nissan closed reservations once 20,000 people had signed up. Now reservations are open again those people have a route to owning a LEAF. Another likely reason is that gas is slowly creeping down in price, so the incentive to find an alternative fuel vehicle has gone down.

I have calculated the breakeven point of buying a new LEAF versus buying a new Versa, and the breakeven point (with the support of government incentives) occurs when gas costs $2.86. Without government incentives gas would have to climb up to $5/Gal or more or the price of the new electric vehicles come down considerably.

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