7th LEAF goes on sale at eBay – Looks promising

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A dealer is trying to sell a used LEAF on eBay and already has several bids for the vehicle. The reserve is not met yet, but the interest level is quite high for a newly listed item. I figure this one could easily sell. I believe setting a reserve but allowing bids to start from a relatively low amount generates good interest on eBay. Other unsuccessful sellers have been setting a high initial price, which discourages bids and costs the seller more in eBay listing fees.

Update 2011-08-17

The car didn’t sell after all. Several cars have now failed to meet MSRP on eBay which suggests to me the market has cooled off for the 2011 LEAF, most probably due to the fact that the 2012 is now available to be reserved. The maximum bid was just over $31,000 several thousand short of the retail price.

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