I applied for my HOV Lane SMART Pass today

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I applied for a Tennessee HOV Lane Smart Pass decal which will allow me to ride in the HOV lanes in Tennessee regardless of the number of passengers in the vehicle.

Not sure how long it will take to receive the decal, but I’ve been assured the LEAF qualifies as a vehicle in this program. The program was started several years ago when Hybrid’s came on the market.

Ironically the LEAF is most efficient at 38Mph, at 70Mph it is much less efficient and will use more electrictricity. So granting LEAF’s access to the HOV lanes actually goes against the premise of the program 🙂

Tree Huggers need not apply.

If you have a leaf check out the Department of Revenues website.

Update: I got my HOV Smart Pass Sticker within 10 days of application. the process was quick and easy.

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